What do we do?

Repair of doors, windows
Repair, replacement of locks, handles, locking mechanisms. Installation, adjustment of door closers. Installation of door chippers.
Furniture repair
Repair of cabinets, bedside tables, tables. Replacement of furniture fittings. Insertion of locks, reinforcement of shelves. Repair of chairs and armchairs. Repair of presentation equipment. Design and assembly of furniture.
Electric installation work
Repair of all types of lighting, including LED. Replacing switches and sockets. Installation and configuration of motion sensors. Repair of household appliances.
Plumbing works
Replacing mixers and components. Replacing the supply hoses. Flushing radiators. Maintenance of water treatment systems.

Equipment installation
Installation of projectors and screens. Installation and connection of sound amplifying equipment. Repair of computers and peripheral equipment.

Painting works
Plastering, painting surfaces. Restoration and redecoration of the floor, walls, ceiling.

We support:
Any commercial premises
Governmental and non-governmental organizations

Conference Halls
Presentation halls, HUBs.
Office centers.
Cafes, restaurants, bars.
Shopping centers, exhibitions, barbershops.

We have

Contact us:

Individual entrepreneur Rodionov Viacheslav

Ukraine, Kyiv city 02098

cell phone: +38 067 505 3800

city phone: +38 044 223 0471

Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp: +380675053800

e-mail: slavychek@gmail.com